I want to say thank you for this fantastic theme. There are not many themes that have such an excellent code base, no bloat, not reinventing the wheel, built thoughtfully on what WordPress offers and great accessibility, too.

Danilo, Cindy theme user


I love, love, love this theme! I have spent plenty of money on “premium” themes, and none have been as easy to use as this, and none have looked as good. I am so happy I stumbled across this theme. A big “Thank you!” to the developer.

Aconn31, Modern theme user

The Wetlands Centre

First off, let me say how much I love your themes! I came across them by chance because I was looking for an Accessibility compliant theme. I feel they deserve to be much higher in the ranks with the big players with such clean code, beautiful UX and functionality, superb documentation & support. Most of the top-ranking themes are crammed with shortcode and really need to be unseated from their top spots.

Roe, The Wetlands Centre


Great theme and great support! One of a kind split-screen, cookbook style theme around, working great from start and with that kind of support we all love: quick, straight-to-the-point solutions!

MosIth, Receptar theme user