Version 1.0.13

Accessibility ready

An accessibility ready full site editing WordPress block theme. Create websites visually, not with code.


18 Apr 2024


20 Sep 2023

A new era of WordPress has arrived

Build a fully customizable website using Gwyneth accessibility ready WordPress block theme and WordPress Site Editor.

Gwyneth WordPress theme on laptop screen

No coding skills, no page builder plugin required.

With full site editing (FSE) WordPress features you can now design your whole website without additional plugins or coding custom solutions. You just need a compatible WordPress block theme, just like Gwyneth.

Gwyneth even bridges the gap between classic themes and block themes by providing full site editing even if you decide to switch Site Editor off. This is a universal, truly hybrid theme, future-proof, yet perfectly transitional.

Theme features

Complete control

Edit everything with blocks, including the theme parts. Unleash your creativity!

Block patterns

More than 100 block patterns helps you create your content in no time.

Pre-designed pages

No need to import large demo data. Use predesigned full page layouts instantly!

Featured posts

Present the most important news or blog entries prominently and in style.

Privacy compliant

We make sure the theme helps you make your website GDPR, privacy compliant.

Universal hybrid mode

Switch into classic theme mode, yet keep editing theme parts with block editor!

Gwyneth theme e-shop functionality preview

Enable online shopping

Turn your website into a unique online store using the most popular e-commerce platform WooCommerce. Choose from a dozen of predesigned e-shop sections when building pages.

Enable thorough design integration with the theme using Integration for WooCommerce plugin.

Top performance

Need an eye-catching, yet accessible and performant website? All of this is possible using Gwyneth WordPress theme!

Clean and native WordPress experience optimized for speed with no unnecessary page builder plugins, built on semantic and standards driven codebase.

Score of 100 in accessibility, best practices, performance and SEO
Preview of editing features in WordPress Site Editor

Edit anything

Edit every theme part using block-based site editor. No coding is required!

Use 30+ site builder block patterns to adapt the theme parts to your needs. Build custom headers, footers, error 404 page and blog layouts.

Unleash your creativity to its full potential!

Easy on-boarding

After theme activation you will be presented with helpful “Welcome” page. It helps you get started using WordPress and the theme in no time.

(Visit Appearance → Welcome.)

Gwyneth theme "Welcome" admin page preview

Instant full page layouts

Add whole predefined page layouts with one click for easier start without importing large demo data. All sections and elements can then be customized to your needs easily. Mix and match 100+ block patterns ready to use and design your own custom pages fast.

Example of 3 full page block patterns of Gwyneth WordPress theme
Preview of Gwyneth WordPress theme predesigned block patterns

Additional features

11+ years of experience goes into building WordPress block themes by WebMan Design. Ease of use, accessibility and top quality is guaranteed.

Device friendly

Give your mobile and desktop visitors a flawless & beautiful experience.

Fair product

Fair, bloat-free theme with no lock-in effect. 100% GPL licensed.


Translation and multilingual website ready, with RTL languages support.

Plugin support

Works with non-block plugins too.


Disabilities friendly, barrier-less, for building WCAG 2.2 level AA sites.

Block styles

Change appearance of blocks with creative predefined styles.

Type harmony

Customizable, consistent, responsive harmonious typography.

Top standards

Built the right way with WordPress coding standards & requirements.

Helpful support

5-star, timely, helpful, friendly technical support provided.

Content compatible

Works with non-block content. You can use the theme on existing site.

Auto updates

Automatic theme updates – stay up to date for lifetime. For free.

Organic code

Secure, clean, semantic, flexible, developer-friendly code.

story of Gwyneth

Once upon a time, a magical wilderness of Welsh country provided home to Kingdom of Gwynedd. Reign of a fair king and queen made people happy and prosperous.

Joy was an everyday bread, but, sadly, not for the queen and the king. As they grew grey-haired worrying they had no heir to the throne.

People did everything to cheer up their good rulers and brought gifts and produce they built and grown with their own hands. And one farmer donated the biggest mushroom everyone have ever seen.

On a magical night full of shimmering stars and giggling fairies, the big mushroom has turned into enchanting young wise princess. The king and queen were happy, people were happy and they named the princess Gwyneth, by their beloved kingdom.

In time, Gwyneth became queen of lands of north Wales and ruled long and fairly just like her parents did, and everyone was happy and prosperous.

Since then, there are mushroom growing farms alongside dairy, livestock and fresh produce ones, and vineyards in what was once known as Kingdom of Gwynedd.
And they all deserve fair, enchanting, even magical and certainly an accessible presentation, they deserve the queen of new era of WordPress themes – Gwyneth!