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Meet Francesca,
my latest masterpiece!

Francesca is accessibility ready WordPress theme for creating inclusive websites fast, easily and with fun using library of uniquely designed block patterns.

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Francesca - Inclusive Accessible E-Learning WordPress Theme

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Customers love my work…

Customer’s satisfaction speaks volumes. Here is some feedback from people who became a part of community making online world a better, more accessible place:

I am super happy with the accessibility performance of this theme. It has been audited by a guy who is living with a severe disability and it worked “out of the box”. The one hiccup wasn’t even a theme problem but WordPress itself. But super helpful WebMan got me the right code anyway. Really excellent theme.

brittpe, Cindy theme user

I want to say thank you for this fantastic theme. There are not many themes that have such an excellent code base, no bloat, not reinventing the wheel, built thoughtfully on what WordPress offers and great accessibility, too.

Danilo, Cindy theme user

I’m Oliver,

and I’ll make sure your WordPress website looks gorgeous and stands on a solid and secure code foundation. My themes are inclusive, disabilities friendly, and barrierless, so you can reach anyone in the world. Have fun around here and grab a goodie for your next project!

Here is why my themes pop out:

Easy to dive in

When developing my products I focus solely on the value my product brings to a user. And most importantly, so it is easy to use!


Customize with the right amount of options, not to get overwhelmed. Need more? Flexibility is built in for any custom extension.

Good catch

You can’t go wrong with my accessible WordPress themes! They are built to fit many purposes, your imagination is the only limit here.

Clean code

Keeping the code lean and clean not only keeps your website up to speed, but also prevents you from bloat and maintenance headaches.


With “stay out of way” approach you can use plugins to add any functionality to your website. My themes will befriend them wholeheartedly.

Taken care of

All my themes are thoroughly documented and covered with timely, friendly and informative 5-star support service.